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Cammie has poured her heart and soul into the charitable work she does to truly make a difference.

Christopher Wolf Crusade
CwC has joined forces with key medical staff at Emory University and Grady Memorial Hospital to provide a prevention plan for the opioid epidemic. Together we have researched and developed a new position in hospitals. Life Care Specialists work alongside healthcare teams and provide pain management strategies as well as information and resources that educate patients about the dangers of extended opioid use. In addition, LCS provide trauma-informed wellness techniques to assist patients with anxiety, depression, stress, and traumatic injury. Additionally, Life Care Specialists (LCS) participate in a post-procedure follow-up to humanize patient experiences and support them in a new and innovative way.
Cammie Wolf Rice has created a poignant memoir of her journey. She inspires with her transparent honesty of a grieving mother who transformed her suffering into advocacy and innovation to create a new level of care in hospitals called Life Care Specialists. Her son Christopher is the wind beneath her angel wings promoting fundamental change in how hospitals educate patients about opioids.

- Elaine Miller-Karas, Co-founder of Trauma Resource Institute

Benefiting the People:


Cammie Rice, along with her husband John, serve as Co-Chairs of Emory’s $4 billion 2O36 Campaign. 2O36 inspires investment in people for the benefit of people, bringing the Emory community together to build on our mission to serve humanity through knowledge. With an eye on Emory’s bicentennial, 2O36 will spearhead a movement to radically rethink and reshape the future.

A giver at heart:

Cammie Wolf Rice believes in giving back to the community, pouring her time and effort into many nonprofit organizations to help create a better world.

The Cambodian Children’s Fund:

Cambodian Children’s Fund (CCF) transforms the country’s most marginalized and neglected kids into tomorrow’s leaders, by delivering high quality education, leadership training and direct support for families into the heart of Cambodia’s most impoverished communities.

Usher’s New Look:

Usher’s New Look works with youth to give them life-changing programming and set them up for a successful path. The organization develops leaders through workforce training, education preparation and talent exploration.

The Trauma Resource Institute.

The Trauma Resource Institute is a nonprofit organization that has developed two models of wellbeing: the Trauma Resiliency Model and Community Resilience Model (CRM). Cammie implemented these teachings with her work with CWC’s Life Care Specialists.

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The Flight: My Opioid Journey is a deep dive into Cammie Wolf Rice's story around the opioid epidemic and the loss of her son, Christopher.