Never Dies

Never Dies

His Story:

Christopher’s spirit continues to guide Cammie on the fight to save lives and create a better future for everyone.

Christopher was the eldest son of Cammie Wolf Rice, and he was a man of many talents. He was a healer, a helper, and most importantly, a friend to all. Christopher believed in connecting with others and making a difference in the world. And in a world without him, Cammie is dedicated to carrying on his legacy.

A Lifelong Fighter:

In his youth, Christopher was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, which is an inflammatory bowel disease that causes the immune system to attack the colon. This disease creates chronic abdominal pain which usually leads to prescribed pain medications as a way to manage this pain, and unfortunately, this was the case with Christopher. After countless surgeries, a morphine drip, and multiple rounds of prescription Oxycontin, Christopher developed a dependence on opioids.

Even while struggling with opioid misuse, Christopher never stopped believing that he could overcome the odds. He stayed a fighter until the end, and shared the hope he felt for his future with other victims of opioid misuse at rehabs. Christopher’s resilience was infectious, causing those around him to fight as well.


I am a man trying to grow spiritually, learning is my favorite hobby, and my passion is helping heal.

–  Christopher Wolf


Never stop

The pain of losing a son is something Cammie will carry forever, which is why she dedicates her time to ending the opioid epidemic. No one should have to go through what she did, and the Christopher Wolf Crusade will continue fighting to make sure that lights like Christopher will not be extinguished by opioid misuse.

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The Flight: My Opioid Journey is a deep dive into Cammie Wolf Rice's story around the opioid epidemic and the loss of her son, Christopher.